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Livestock Eye
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Livestock Eye
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Livestock Eye
4g & Wi-Fi pan, tilt & zoom Calving cameras🐄www.livestockeye.co.uk ... See MoreSee Less
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  • High definition live & recorded footage
  • Plug & play complete set up
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Self installation – No electrician needed
  • Competitive pricing
  • UK seller with fast delivery

At Livestock Eye we specialise in cameras for lambing, foaling, calving, farrowing & poultry. The cameras also offer additional security in areas where there is often no mains electricity or wi-fi connection.

Addressing the increasing demand for high quality affordable surveillance Livestock Eye cameras use the latest technology combined with a simple easy to use system to provide round the clock live viewing straight to a smart phone or tablet.

We offer a lifetime of technical support & the highest level of customer service, we are always on the end of the phone or email.

All our cameras are available to buy online through this website.


  • Very good service and after sales service quality excellent

    Catherine Keicher Gibson
  • Purchased a camera last week so easy to set up and brilliant clear vision. Great that I can listen to what’s going and and even talk to my horse.

    Rosemary Ann Mundy
  • After comparison I found the best mega pixel camera was with livestock eye, I still was unsure to go ahead but now looking back a couple weeks in I dunno why I waited. I bought the dome, with EE and battery leads, car battery lasts approx a week. So easy to set up and the quality picture is amazing. It’s fab to check all is safe before going to sleep and waking up. Can check on my mare in foal and kids ponies from comfort of my sofa. Customer service is also fab! Highly reccomend and will be buying another for stable soon x

    Sam Clifford
  • Easy to set up, amazing clear picture, you can zoom in and move the camera around. Watched all 3 foals being born and it’s also used for keeping an eye on new ponies or anything unwell needing close monitoring. Highly recommend! 🌟

    Shelley Dobbs
  • I am totally amazed and impressed by the stable camera. Not having mains electric at my yard made me think I wasn't able to keep an eye on my horses but how wrong was I?!
    It knows the difference between my dog and a human. Has an alarm option. 2 way sound.
    I am going to sleep better at night now!
    Also great customer service when I needed advice.
    Ridiculously good value.
    Michaela Stevens
  • We bought our camera to keep an eye on the horses in between visits. We’ve also been lucky enough to catch various wildlife that would have hidden if we were there in person. We were also convinced that our naughty gelding was bullying the mare. After watching the cctv footage it became apparent that it’s actually the mare that starts it !

    Bec McAdam
  • Great cameras, worth every penny. We got ours when we took in a rescue pony I needed to keep an eye on. Our fields are remote so no Wi-fi but the sim works perfectly. I’ve now got a camera in every stable and a dome for the field and they’ve saved me SO many trips to check on the herd. And being able to tell a naughty pony off over the mic still makes me smile every time! Great customer service too, and I’ve already recommended to friends and family who are equally pleased with their purchases.

    Angela Young
  • Love our camera - fantastic to keep an eye on the cattle. Removes all worries and concerns to see them all settled and happy. The picture is so clear during the day and night. It is also very handy to give my other half updates on how long until the tea is ready in the evening we plan to get one for the sheep in the new year

    Lottie Thomas
  • Love  love  love  our camera! Has made foaling/lambing/calving so much easier. Easy to set up, straight forward to view from anywhere and quick to move around and set up wherever you need it. Great customer service and after sales help & advice too. So much so we added a second camera this summer. Thank you Livestock Eye!

    Kirsty Jones
  • For me my Livestock Eye camera is an absolute godsend. I have a pedigree herd of cattle but live 9 miles away from their winter housing. The piece of mind and the reassurance it gives you to check on your stock come calving time is invaluable. Just knowing that at any time you can pick up your phone and check your stock is so reassuring. Plus the after sale support is second to none. Wouldn’t be without mine at all now. And would recommend to anybody.

    Vicki Hopkinson
  • Brilliant camera makes life so much easier during calving, saves getting out of bed unless needed, great vision and zoom on it

    Mary Therese Loran
  • Great camera! I run mine outside and off of a 12v battery, it works really well! Would be lost without it.

    Dan Harrison
  • What would we do without you , customer service is amazing , our camera is amazing , and caught many of naughty ponies up to know good when they thought they wasn’t be watched

    Lucy Beamish
  • Our livestock eye camera has been brilliant, it has saved calves life’s, able to watch the cow while calving , it has made things easier

    Ruth Edwards
  • I brought one of your cameras after months of research and I’m so pleased with it I now have 4 , the quality of the picture day or night is great , we use it to watch the horses and sheep and now also have one covering the yard , the piece of mind that I can check everything when I pop out or on the other side of the world is great many thanks would highly recommend you
    Garwell Jo
  • I just love my horse. No other reason than I just love watching him nod off in his stable knowing he is cosy, relaxed, safe and happy. A lot of my horse pals are so jealous that I can just ‘check’ on him anytime.
    He did have to stay in all by himself one day recently as he had a hoof abscess. It was only by checking the camera, I saw that in his stressed state, he knocked his automatic drinker off the wall, resulting in a flooding stable, floating bedding and a tidal wave when I finally went and opened the stable door to turn it off.
    Jacqueline Murdoch